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Shrewsbury has a lot to offer in general. Besides the Charles Darwin connection (Darwin was born in Shrewsbury) which has given rise to the Darwin Trail route walk, there are river walks, festivals more or less throughout the summer months at the Quarry park and the West Midlands Showground, and many other events.

The town is full of medieval streets and ‘shuts and passages’ which create an old-world atmosphere right in the centre of the town. The Square on the High Street has some fascinating historical connections. There is a castle by the railway station, an Abbey, some surprisingly interesting churches, an old library which used to house the first Shrewsbury School, and in the middle of the Quarry park is the Dingle, a sunken garden.

Every August Shrewsbury is host to one of the most famous Flower Shows in the UK, second only to the Chelsea Flower Show in London.

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