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Heart failure and other things, blog 16 November 2017

I had my first six-monthly check-up last Friday. The consultant said everything is fine regarding healing. The synchronisation of the pacemaker is not quite right but they are still concentrating on adjusting tablet doses first and he increased two of the drugs, the beta-blocker (Bisoprolol) and Ace inhibitor (Ramipril). The first drug controls the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, and the second drug enables the heart to perform better by widening blood vessels and reducing tension in the blood vessels leaving the heart. It raises blood flow, thereby lowering the heart’s workload. That means I’m taking a number of drugs including those two plus Spironolactone and Forusemide (both diuretics) as well as my normal drugs for combating dizziness, but I know that I feel a lot better than I did two months ago, and I’m making progress.


I asked him about having another echocardiogram because I’m sure that my original EF – ejection fraction – of 10% left ventricular function instead of the normal 50%-55% is more than that now, but he said it’s too early to do another one. I was disappointed by that but didn’t argue. I’d like to know if it’s changed. My stamina is increasing, so is my ability to stand and walk. Fingers crossed. These are early days and I’m well aware it’s a little over two months that I’ve seen changes, so not much time at all.


Son and wife are now in Somerset and giving me glowing reports about where they are. I’m really looking forward to being there and enjoying views of peregrine falcons, buzzards, other birds and wildlife, and seeing the nearby river – and the sea. I’ve always wanted to live near the sea, and the rented house is four miles away from it. I think I’ve come to a time where the simple life and being closer to family and natural surroundings is much more attractive than living in a city or town. I think it’s called getting older.


Before the idyllic life can begin, there are things that need to be sorted out first. Not just the sale of the house but problems with other things, such as a bus route starting up with heavy goods vehicles being run along roads too narrow to cope with them – and there is a glimmer of light in an agreement between the franchise holder and the council that the very early morning buses, which start at around 5.30 am and are noisy, will cease operating by Christmas. Brilliant!


A neighbour has complained about my cat. I know cats can seem innocent to owners and be considered nuisances by others but the demand to keep her in my garden was met with some disbelief by me, and the reply that no, I can’t keep her in my garden – any more than they can stop their cat using my garden as a toilet. What nonsense. I found out that cats have a legal right to roam anyway, so neither of us can do anything apart from keeping the cat indoors all its life, which for a cat that is used to being outdoors, amounts to cruelty. I’m afraid cat poo, while being obnoxious when gardening, is one of life’s annoyances that I just have to deal with. No good getting all worked up about it. So when I move there will be plenty of room for the cat to go where she wants – that isn’t the whole story but that’s for another time.

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