Heart failure and other things blog 19 – Bristol

Wow, what a hospital. New, polished and extremely impressive. The signs were clear, it was easy to find the department I needed (but I also had the help of a kind volunteer, something I have never seen in any other hospital) and the system of calling patients seemed to be working well. There was even […]


Heart failure and other things blog 18 – Somerset nightmare

What seemed as though it would be a happy time is turning into a health nightmare because of the state of the NHS down here. I’ve been here for a week. During that time a broken tooth problem became the priority and it may or may not need to be extracted. It’s been extremely busy […]


Heart failure and other things – pacemakers blog 17, January 2018

Just had my first heart appointment of the year at the pacemaker clinic. It took longer than usual because the technician wanted to optimise the working of the CRT-D device and that involved tests and trials to see what improved the pacemaker function the best. Apparently there are several vectors and ‘poles’ of operation that […]

Original Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury Facebook links

I’ve lived in Shrewsbury for 17 years, sorry to have to leave it. I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time here. Shrewsbury is gaining momentum as an exciting place to be and I hope that in the future it keeps the green surroundings and policy planners don’t build over all the green spaces. Here are […]

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Heart failure and other things, blog 16 November 2017

I had my first six-monthly check-up last Friday. The consultant said everything is fine regarding healing. The synchronisation of the pacemaker is not quite right but they are still concentrating on adjusting tablet doses first and he increased two of the drugs, the beta-blocker (Bisoprolol) and Ace inhibitor (Ramipril). The first drug controls the heart […]


Heart failure and other things blog 14, September 2017

It’s pouring with rain here and my flat conservatory roof sounds like a snare drum being beaten by a hundred mad drummers. The cat hurtled into the house through the cat flap, complaining loudly about the rain, but she’s made her own entertainment by leaping all over the chairs and biting the cushions. An antiques […]


Heart failure and other things blog 13

It’s been some time since my last update and I’m pleased to say I’m making progress with the pacemaker. Regarding the anaemia, I asked the nurse about the possible cause – she ruled out X-rays, saying the amount given in radiation is so tiny it wouldn’t make any difference even though I had three within […]

IMG_3964 2

Heart failure and other things – blog 12, pacemaker weirdness

This is what a person with heart failure looks like. Normal. Therein lies the ambiguity that surrounds people who have heart failure, that they often don’t look ill. I’ve read about how other people with heart conditions have found the same thing; that they are told they look well. Sometimes it’s said as encouragement to […]


Heart failure and other things blog 11

The photo is of Neema finding the smallest place she can curl up on, and not fall off.   It’s five weeks since the CRT-D device was implanted and I just had the four-weekly check-up. I’d gone there worried as I thought I had dislodged a lead or two. On more than one occasion I’d […]

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