Powers of the mind and other theories

This is something that has fascinated me throughout my life, drawing me to spirituality, mind manipulation and scientific exploration of the mind. Some of the notions expressed in these articles and books were used in the Starbirth Assignment books.

Experiments and theories surrounding telepathy and morphic fields


Rupert Sheldrake has done some very interesting work in hypotheses relating to matters of the mind. His website is full of intriguing hypotheses and persuasive arguments.


Fields of the mind
Morphic fields underlie our mental activity and our perceptions, and lead to a new theory of vision, as discussed in THE SENSE OF BEING STARED AT. The existence of these fields is experimentally testable through the sense of being stared at itself. There is already much evidence that this sense really exists Papers on Staring

The morphic fields of social groups connect together members of the group even when they are many miles apart, and provide channels of communication through which organisms can stay in touch at a distance. They help provide an explanation for telepathy…………. Telepathy is normal not paranormal, natural not supernatural, and is also common between people, especially people who know each other well…………. the fields of our minds extend far beyond our brains.


Casimir effect and Casimir reversed

This formed the basis for the theory of levitation and levi-flying as used in the Starbirth Assignment books.



In order to reduce friction in the nanoworld, turning nature’s stickiness into repulsion could be the ultimate remedy. Instead of sticking together, parts of micromachinery would levitate, saidProfessor Leonhardt…………….Though it is possible in principle for humans to levitate, scientists are a long way off developing the technology for such feats.


Dark Matter and dark energy

The theories of dark matter and dark energy (dark meaning invisible) influenced my thinking on the fictional possibilities of teleportation in the Starbirth Assignment books.



There was a time, not so long ago, when science seemed to understand how the universe worked. Everything – us, the Earth, the stars and even exotic-sounding supernovae – was made of atoms which were all created at time-zero: the Big Bang. In between the atoms was nothing, a void: quite literally, ‘space’.
But recently things have started to unravel. There is, it seems, a lot more to the universe than meets the eye. According to the best estimates, we only really know what about 4% of it is made of. But if only 4% is made of atoms, what about the rest? The rest is made of mysterious entities about which very little is understood, with equally mysterious names: dark matter and dark energy.

If dark matter is everywhere in our galaxy, then it must be present here on Earth. In fact thousands of tonnes of the stuff must be passing through the Earth every day. It doesn’t interact with ordinary matter, so it can pass straight through it, whatever ‘it’ is: us, the Earth, everything we’re familiar with.


Recent updates about dark matter and physics (don’t ask me to expain!) 2016

Theories about the strength of dark matter and the strength of the Higgs field have scientists baffled.


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