.50 cal – heavy automatic weapon usually mounted on helicopters or vehicles.
5.56mm – standard size calibre bullets as used mostly by Western forces.
7.62mm – calibre of rounds used in AK-47 rifles.

A&E – Accident and Emergency
Afpak – slang for Afghanistan and Pakistan. The border area is frequently referred to as the ‘Afpak border’ by military personnel.
AK 47 – assault rifle, a sturdy, reliable and cheap rifle found in most countries. It is Popular with large numbers of armed forces although its accuracy is diminished at ranges greater than 200yds/ 183 metres

Bergen – military rucksack, often very heavy, sometimes weighing over 45 kilograms.
Blades – unofficial name applied to SAS troopers, references to the winged dagger cap badge and being on the cutting edge of operations.
Boss – unofficial SAS name for the commanding officer, the person in charge regardless of officer’s rank.
Bug – covert surveillance device, usually refers to a hidden microphone or camera or both.
Bugging out – tactical retreat, usually under fire from enemy forces.
Burst transmission – Radio message sent using a burst of radio signal.

Call sign – designation given to team member over the radio, using military phonetic alphabet.
Casevac – casualty evacuation
CAC – Command and Control
CIA – Central Intelligence Agency, United States
COBRA – Cabinet Office Briefing Room A, also the people who meet in the room
CO – Commanding Officer
Comms – communications
Credenhill – headquarters of the SAS in Herefordshire
CS – gas used to disable opponents, usually tear gas although in military use it can be mixed with other incapacitating substances.

Decons – Decontaminators, a group of rich and powerful people working undercover with the intention of ‘cleansing’ the world of people with enhanced abilities.
Demons – New weapons with tiny smart missile capabilities deploying lethal nanomaterials to kill enemies. The name is short for the initials DMON, Dongxian Missile Operated nanotechnology.
Diemaco SFW – Special Forces Weapon semi-automatic assault rifle, uses 5.56 bullets. Special Forces personnel use weapons of individual choice from a range available to them. The Diemaco, a Canadian-built weapon, is one of them.
DPM – Disruptive Pattern Material, military combat camouflage clothes. Now replaced by Multi-Terrain Pattern material.

Eagles – US team of enhanced-ability operatives led by Mike Northwood, Lock’s friend and ally.
Evac – evacuation
ERV – Emergency Rendezvous, can also mean Emergency Response Vehicle
Explorer – four wheel drive Sports Utility Vehicle

FAC – Forward Air/Artillery Controller
Fire Team – assault team
Firm – unofficial name for the British Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6 (Military Intelligence 6) which is a reference to its military origins.
FOB – Forward Operating Base

Gas station – petrol station
GPMG – General Purpose Machine Gun, a heavier weapon than the standard assault rifle, using belt-fed 7.62mm rounds
GPS – Global Positioning System, a navigation aid for pinpointing locations.
Go firm – stay put
Green Berets – US Special Forces soldiers
Grunts – unofficial name for infantry soldiers, US terminology

Head Shed – unofficial name for SAS headquarters at Credenhill and also the group of commanding officers in charge of the SAS.
Holo – hologram/holographic image

ID – identification

Leatherman – a rugged multi purpose tool
Lancero – South American Special Forces soldier
Levitate – ability to hover in the air or fly move using the power of thought and an altered state of consciousness.
LED – Light Emitting Diode in torches, lights and equipment displays
LUP – Lying Up Place

Maglite – LED torch
MI5 – Military Intelligence 5, officially known as the British Secret Service, responsible for mainland security. Operates spies and agents in Britain/UK. Those employed officially by the intelligence services are known as officers, not agents.
MI6 – British Secret Intelligence Service, also known as the Firm/Office and other pseudonyms, responsible for looking after British interests and security worldwide. Operates spies and agents overseas.
M-16 Colt Commando – military semi-automatic assault rifle, used mostly by Western forces, particularly US troops.
MP5K – semi-automatic assault rifle (carbine) used by SAS, a small weapon that is easily concealed under a jacket.
MoD – Ministry of Defence, British
MTP – Multi-Terrain Pattern clothing, military combat camouflage clothes.

NAV – Nano Aerial Vehicle, a very small unmanned aerial vehicle being developed for surveillance. Some are the size of insects.
NVG – Night Vision Goggles

Op – operation, military mission
OP – Observation Post
OSA – Official Secrets Act
Oxbridge – term used to jointly refer to Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Britain

PINDAR – tunnel and bunker system under the Ministry of Defence
PM – Prime Minister
Predator – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle drone used by the CIA and US military, it can fire missiles at targets on the ground.

Ranger – US Special Forces soldier
Reaper – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle drone, a larger vehicle than the Predator and capable of carrying a heavier payload of missiles. Can fire at targets on the ground. Used by the CIA and US military.
RAF – Royal Air Force, British
RPG – Rocket Propelled Grenade, a shoulder-fired system capable of hitting low-flying Aircraft and ground targets
Round – bullet

SAR – Search And Rescue
SAS – Special Air Service, also unofficially known as ‘the Regiment’. Elite British Special Forces.
Selection – Gruelling testing process used to select soldiers for the SAS.
Sig-Sauer – pistol using 9mm rounds, weapon usually worn in a holster.
SIS – British Secret Intelligence Service, UK, also known as MI6 and The Firm/Office
Shifter – teleporter, someone who can move their body through an invisible dimension using mental control and an altered state of consciousness.
SF – Special Forces
Stan – nickname for Afghanistan
Squadron – name of the troop sections of the SAS – A, B, D, G squadrons
SUV – Sports Utility Vehicle

Telekinesis – ability to move objects by mental command and an altered state of consciousness.
Telepathy – ability to read the thoughts of other people or link with another person’s mind through thought alone.
Teleporter – someone who can move their body through an invisible dimension using mental control and an altered state of consciousness, nicknamed Shifter.
Thermal imager – equipment that can locate people or animals by detecting body heat.
Tooled up – armed with weapons
Transmutation – ability to alter own physiology and that of others through mental control of physical change. People with skill of transmutations known as transmutes.
Trooper – soldier serving with the SAS

UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, flying drones such as the Predator and Reaper drones used in warfare.
UK – United Kingdom, Britain
US – United States

Vauxhall Cross – headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Service in London near Vauxhall Bridge.

Walther PPK – holster-worn pistol using 9mm rounds

Zero – radio designation of military commander

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