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Shrewsbury shops 125 years ago!

An article in the Daily Mail for Saturday 28th December has many photographs of Shrewsbury shopping streets as they appeared in the 1880s. See some of the photos at this link: The photos can be seen at Theatre Severn by Frankwell.


Attingham Park

  This is a magnificent Georgian stately home and gardens near Shrewsbury, well worth visiting. A three-year restoration project has now been completed on the mansion with 67 paintings re-hung in the Regency Gallery and a new glass roof. The Gallery will be open every day from 11am until November 6th. Tours of the mansion […]

sexy soldier woman on factory ruins

Starbirth Assignment SHIFTER

An illegal mind-restructuring drug threatens chaos. A black ops team searches for the source. Lock Harford is only one of two ‘Shifters’ – capable of moving through a different dimension using the power of thought and invaluable to military and intelligence organisations – at least until Starbirth appears on the streets of America and Britain. […]

sexy soldier woman on factory ruins

The Shifter Dimension

Lock Harford, a teleporter (Shifter) who can physically move through another dimension using only the power of thought, works alongside British Special Forces in trouble spots around the world. His employers at the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) need his help to eliminate some lethal weapons. Terrorists are using the weapons to inflict heavy losses […]

sexy soldier woman on factory ruins

Shadow Team GB

Lock Harford, a teleporter who can move his body through a dark matter dimension using only the power of his mind, knows that the only way to release Britain from the grip of marauding teleporter criminals is to fight like with like. His employers want him to head up a team of enhanced-ability operatives whose […]

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