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Heart Failure and other things blog 9

June 28th 2017 This is what a heart with dilated cardiomyopathy looks like. I’m amazed mine is still pumping. It’s now ten days post-op and the area is healing nicely. Still some post-op stiffness and pain in the mornings and it’s sore – the device is larger than a normal pacemaker and it feels as […]


Heart Failure and other things blog 8

So there it is in all its glory, the lump that is now my pacemaker. It’s healing well, and into the itching stage five days after the procedure. I took cinnarizine beforehand to offset any possibility of dizziness and Mike drove me to Telford. It’s weird, I’m often more worried about having vertigo than what […]

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Heart failure and other things blog 7 (June 2017)

The new drug, Ivabradine, wasn’t successful and I had to be taken off it. Even half a tablet reduced my pulse rate to 50 or lower, and apparently that puts a person in the danger zone, so the doctors withdrew it. Ironic because one of the problems I have is that my heart rate/pulse rate […]

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Heart failure and other things blog 6

I’m back in hospital so this will be put on later. It’s Sunday morning and I’ve been in since the early hours of Friday, although it feels like a week already. Thursday night I couldn’t sleep because of a heavy feeling in my chest making me breathless, as though I had something pressing in my […]

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