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Heart Failure and Other Things – blog 5

Just had some playtime with the cat. She loves to hide under the bed and chase ribbons, swerving out as if she’s in an action movie. She pounces on the ribbon, holds it in her paws and chews it while I tug gently on the other end. As soon as I let go of my […]


Heart failure and other things – blog 4

Choices, choices – should my characters wear a disguise of military clothing or police kit? Which point of view should I use? These and other problems preoccupy my day and I’m fortunate to have the time to devote to writing. When it goes well I love it. When it stalls, as it does often, it […]

Mynydd 6

Living With Heart Failure blog 3

Hmm. I seem to have taken a turn for the worse with the hot weather. It’s the opposite of what I expected – I thought the warmth would make things better, but I suppose I should have predicted fluid retention interfering with breathing. Looks as though I have to put up the dose of diuretic […]


Living With Heart Failure blog 2

    Present day: Just arranged another blood test. They have become a regular feature of my life, every fortnight. I’ve always been squeamish about needles, but now I’ve got so used to the tests they don’t bother me any longer. The first time I had a blood test after coming out of hospital I […]


Living With Heart Failure blog 1

Living With Heart Failure blog 1   The purpose of this blog is to relay one person’s experience of heart failure: what led up to it, the diagnosis, and treatment afterwards, warts and all. I have ‘severe’ heart failure, and this is my story. I may not write it as a continuous narrative from beginning […]

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